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Chan Siu Bo discusses his days at the record company with Leslie Cheung
Chan Yau Kin displays the image that he created for Leslie Cheung
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For the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (Gor Gor)'s passing, memorial activities have begun. Gor Gor's partner and friend Chan Siu Bo, designer Chan Yau Kin and official make up artist Eunice Wong yesterday attended the Final Encounter Leslie Cheung 10th Anniversary Commemorative Activities and displayed Gor Gor's classic records, concert tickets and other items. Chan Siu Bo shared his experience of working with Gor Gor. "When Gor Gor recorded NO INTENTION TO SLEEP (MO SUM SHUI MIN), he insisted on recording in Japan. Finally Chan Suk Fun thought of a good idea for him to participate in the Tokyo Music Festival and record there as well."

Chan Siu Bo said that Gor Gor called him before his passing in 2003. "At the time he wasn't feeling well. Our contract was about to come to an end and he still owed a record. He said that he definitely would deliver the new record to me; because he wasn't feeling well, the final record's songs were edited from different recording versions. They differed from the past recording of an entire song." Has Gor Gor discussed his sexual orientation before he made it public? Chan Siu Bo said, "No, when he reached that stage, he really wanted people to know because at the time there were a lot of speculations. He was a very daring person, with sexual orientation, retirement, he would call me and ask if I saw them after he made them public like a little kid."

Chan Yau Kin's first record cover for Gor Gor was YI PIAN CHI. He said, "At the time we were pretty much the same size, so I loaned the vest, bow tie, shirt and pants to him. He also made dinner for me." He found the vest that he loaned Gor Gor to be displayed at the event. Speaking of the day of Gor Gor's passing, Chan Yau Kin remembered it like it was yesterday. "At the time I was in Shanghai, after I received the bad news I didn't believe it."

Chan Yau Kin said that before Gor Gor's passing they already had little contact. "Everyone want to hide themselves before something sudden happens and don't want to talk about it." Speaking of not having an official place for fans to pay their respect, Chan Yau Kin said, "No, everyone has an important place in their hearts for Gor Gor. They can remember him from looking at pictures, they don't have to pay their respect. Many fans would go to the Mandarin Oriental coffee shop in hopes that Gor Gor would appear. I am one of them."

Speaking of Gor Gor's supposed huge inheritance to his beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak, Chan Siu Bo and Chan Yau Kin both said that they were not familiar with Tong Tong.

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