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Teacher Hui Pui is well loved and respected
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Singer teacher Hui Pui passed away at age 90 two days ago

Yao Li, Teacher Hui Pui, Rebecca Pan, Tsing Ting are renowned singers
Teacher Hui Pui has students everywhere.  At her retirement banquet 30 years ago, the elders today were the younger generation.

With students everywhere, singing teacher Hui Pui two nights ago passed away around 11PM at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital at the age of 90. She was so respected that she was called "Teacher Hui Pui". Yesterday Damien Lau Chung Yan posted the news of Teacher Hui Pui's passing online. He said that earlier she had time to visit but never expected it to be the last time. Lau Chung Yun said, "Yesterday all of a sudden I went to the hospital to see Teacher Hui Pui, because I was afraid that I would never see her again. Indeed, I just received the news that Teacher Hui passed away last night! We should properly cherish everything around us!"

Teacher Hui Pui's friend Chan Suk Fun said that Sister Hui Pui passed away two nights ago around 11PM. She had the flu earlier, due to her weaken state she was admitted to the intensive care unit. Originally she recovered and left the hospital, but recently she felt ill and was hospitalized again. Two days ago her condition fluctuated again and she passed away at night despite the doctor's effort. Her daughter was by her side. Her son will return from Canada to assist with the funeral. Her remains will likely be transported back to Canada for burial because Teacher Hui Pui earlier immigrated there and her children lived there.

Teacher Hui Pui just celebrated her 90th birthday. Artists from Bai Guang, Lam Gung, Li Li-Hua, Fei Jeh (Lydia Shum Din Ha), Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Roman Tam (Law Man), Lee Sze Kei were all her students. She even treated her students like her own children. 30 years ago she announced her retirement after teaching for 32 years, her retirement banquet was star studded. After her retirement, Teacher Hui Pui mainly lived in Canada. She loved Fei Jeh's daughter Joyce Cheng Yun Yi. When Yun Yi joined a record company years ago, Teacher Hui was on hand to show her support. Now Teacher Hui and Fei Jeh are reunited in Heaven.

Teacher Hui Pui was once a TVB artist training class instructor. Many in the business studied singing with her. Her students respected and loved her. Reportedly two nights ago she passed away due to heart failure.

Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying also said that earlier she visited Teacher, but lately she has been very busy so she has not been in contact for weeks. "She is 90. Earlier on her birthday, everyone knew that she wasn't feeling so well so we only visited her at home. I am very saddened, it was very sudden."

Patrick Tse Yin claimed to be Hui Pui's final student. "Let's see when the funeral will be, I definitely will pay my respects. Earlier when she came I wasn't in Hong Kong. I heard several months ago originally there was a birthday party, but I don't know why it didn't happen. However she was at a great age, soon I will follow! I still have ten or so years." Michelle Yim (Mai Shuet) said, "She was like a parent, she would always remind me not to be so busy. She would care when she saw me cough. We would sometimes ask people to compose and Teacher would keep our wallets in mind."

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