Monday, March 25, 2013


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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sammi Cheng Sau Man starred film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) will officially be released in the summer. Playing blind, Wa Jai before hand went to a training center and attended classes with vision impaired students for six weeks. He experienced life that depended on sound. Wa Jai said, "People who truly cannot see would not feel around with their hands like we do in acting. They would rely on sounds and feeling inside to sense the surrounding environment. They may be even better than those of us with sight."

Wa Jai revealed that a blind woman at the training center challenged him to a 4 floor stair race. He said, "She was more familiar with the environment than I was, finally she was faster than me. I tried to practice cooking, cutting vegetables and pouring tea with a blind fold. Actually as long as I paid attention to the changes in sound, I would know how much hot water I spilled or whether the food in the wok was cooked yet. Everything had to be learned slowly. Otherwise would we stick our hands into the wok to test it?"

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