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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Louis Koo Tin Lok are buddies. Seeing her good friend has been single for years, Chin Wa was rumored to have become "matchmaker" and successfully matched him with her Taiwan friend Joe Chen Qiao-En. Reportedly they have been secretly dating for 2 years, but recently due to goddess Michelle Chen their secret relationship was on the verge of breaking up.

Chin Wa two nights ago appeared in Shenzhen as an UNICEF ambassador. As for being called a "matchmaker", Chin wa was surprised. "Really? After 16 years in show business this is the first time I hear about this. I am not sure whether other people are dating, I just know that my 9 month old son (Torres) isn't dating." She was rumored to have matched up Goo Jai and Chen Qiao-En over dinner? She said, "Honestly, other than them, I also know a lot of other people. If they were 'matched' just like that, it's too coincidental. This is a beautiful misunderstanding!"

Chin Wa said that later she and Goo Jai will work together on a new film, but he has not heard about him dating. She praised that his good friend's Putonghua has improved, mainly because he spent more time on Mainland productions and not because of "personal coach Chen Qiao-En".

She also suddenly changed the subject and revealed Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's secret. "Wong Yuen Chi over New Spring dinner said that she really wanted to date and asked me to introduce a boyfriend to her. Honestly I am not that type of lady, I am a mother, be filial to my mother or matchmaker for my son. However my husband objects, he feels that we should like him develop his own romance freely."

Aside from working with Goo Jai in May or Juen, she will also work with Nick Cheung Ka Fai on another film. She and Ka Fai worked together 14 years ago. This time they will play a couple and she looked forward to it very much. She admitted that if she would leave Hong Kong for the movies she would miss her son. She would bring her son to work if she had the chance. She also said that her baby was already very smart for 9 month old.

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