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Gillian Chung has studied Wing Chun so she looks convincing
Timmy Hung plans to teach his son kung fu
Janet Chow and Timmy Hung take their son TJ for a walk
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Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Chow Ting Yu yesterday promoted their film IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN). Ah Gil said that he was paired in the film with the national wushu champion Chow Ting Yu and he never injured her. Instead during a dance scene he stepped on her toe, she even had to keep performing in pain. She said that she has already started learning Wing Chun on and off for a movie since 2008. Her original intention was to become an action actress, but earlier she was often injured on the set. Has her boyfriend prohibited her from fighting again? She said no because her boyfriend liked kung fu very much. He did not studied but fought better than her. Thus she would not practice with him, as he might poke her eyes out.

Tin Ming said that he had many fight scenes with Anthony Wong Chau Sun. When asked who was a better fighter between Chau Sun and his father Sammo Hung Kam Bo, he said often he would support his father. He too planned to teach his son kung fu to strengthen his body. The new father could not help but shake his head when he talked about the earlier family tragedies. He said that now is different from before, parents had to be particularly careful and properly communicate with their children. "I am not scared though because I am a filial son. It should be hereditary." however, he said that he and his wife were very nervous about their son. Earlier their son had a pimple from a shot in the arm and they took him to the doctor. He joked that going to the doctor was very expensive and hoped that his son would become a doctor. However his father wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor as well, but in the end he chose to be a stunt man.

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