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Eddie Peng is known for being big, but he humbly says he is no match for Nick Cheung
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Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, director Dante Lam Chiu Yin worked together on the film MMA (GIK JIN), which yesterday held a Hong Kong Entertainment Expo press conference. Because the director invited foreign professional fighters to perform, Peng Yu-Yen was afraid of getting hurt during the fight scenes. In the poster his nose was swollen. "I couldn't recognize myself. Mama thought Bruce Lee was in the photo." Peng Yu-Yen described the production process as painful, exhausting and lonely, but now looking back the memories were beautiful.

Peng Yu-Yen and Cheung Ka Fai played mentor and protege fighters, he praised Ka Fai's fighting skills and figure for which he was no match for. Peng Yu-Yen said, "We can talk, always studying how to train and diet. If the film performs well at the box office, the shirtless muscle show duty should go to Ka Fai."

March 24 will be Peng Yu-Yen's 31st birthday. Yesterday the event celebrated in advance with him. He wished for the film to be a big hit, a smooth career and good health for his family. On his birthday he will be working on a commercial in Thailand. Will his girlfriend celebrate with him? Peng Yu-Yen said, "I am still busy, now I am busy with a movie. It's hard to find someone. Luckily with work I wouldn't be so lonely."

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