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With "Gong Er" Zhang Ziyi's Eight Trigram palm as the strongest backing of  mother and daughter, "Ma San" Max Zhang has to love his wife
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The 39 year old Ada Choi Siu Fun on March 25 at the Canossa Hospital (Carita) at the Peak gave birth to her second daughter. Yesterday Ada's husband Max Zhang Jun posted the good news online. Zhang Ziyi even went to the hospital to hold that chubby baby girl. The Zhang family of four looked very happy.

Zhang Jun posted the good news online yesterday. "The Zhang family adds a new member, Mrs. on March 25 safely gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little daughter. A woman carrying a child for ten months is no easy task, how wonderful life is, thank you God!" He posted a photo of his family of four. The little daughter was asleep in her father's strong arm. Ada held their older daughter Chor Yi who looked exactly like her.

Chor Yi was born in May 2011, a super giant baby who weighed 9 pounds and 4 ounces. Yesterday Zhang Jun did not reveal his younger daughter's weight, but she looked rather hefty and at least 8 pounds. Ada accepted everyone's congratulations and humorously congratulated her husband. She posted online, "Mr. Zhang congratulations! Three beauties under one roof! You are the happiest!" The mother of two Ada did not forget to praise her own beauty!

After Ada gave birth, her good friend Monica Chan Fat Yung visited at the hospital. She praised the little baby was soft, fat and big eyed, another beauty for the Zhang family. In THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) Gong Er and Ma San fought all over, privately they were good friends. Zhang Ziyi also went to the hospital to hold the baby. She posted online a photo of her holding the second daughter of the Zhang family with Zhang Jun and Ada and wrote, "Some moment that makes me feel especially happy is watching my friends bathing in happiness. Congratulation Your Majesty The Queen on the Princess! Ma San, if you don't take good care of Choi Siu Fun, the Gong Clan's Eight Trigram Palm will not spare you." Ada and her daughter had the backing of the Gong Clan Eight Trigram Palm, seemingly no one would dare to bully them.

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