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Herman Yau and Anthony Wong work together again after 20 years

Anthony Wong cracks up host Angela Yu
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun and director Herman Yau Lai To talked about the joy and the pain of working together on a film. Their film IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN) will soon be released. Earlier it was even selected for competition at the Udine Far East Film Festival. Director Yau Lai To was asked whether he was nervous. He admitted, "Of course I am happy. (Any pressure?) After so many years of making movies, my emotions are about the same!" Wong Chau Sun said that he was at ease and even admitted that he had to lose weight to attend the film festival. He said, "I prepare to lose weight to have pasta, the small town there is very pretty! The food there is delicious, the wine great, if I have time I would go shopping in Rome too!"

Since 2008 many film stars have played the role of Ip Man. Did Chau Sun hesitate when he took it? He joked, "Yes, I keep on thinking, I have made movies for over 100 years!" The director was asked if he hesitated. He said, "I never did, but I thought about it. (What did you think about?) I thought about what I should make!" The director revealed that Chau Sun not only had an Ip Man flavor on camera, even off camera he still kept that flavor!

The film had many fight scenes, for Chau Sun the transition from Tai Sheng Pek Kwar to Wing Chun was rather difficult. "Tai Sheng Pek Kwar requires big opening and closing, Wing Chun requires very small and narrow moves. (Do you make noise when you fight?) Some of the styles do! In the film in order to maintain Ip Man's Grand Master presence I didn't make any noise."

Last year Wong Chau Sun got into a lot of trouble. Did Chau Sun feel that trouble came his way? He joked, "I have never gotten into trouble, trouble always finds me. (Why?) Maybe I am easy to pick on!"

Earlier Wong Chau Sun posted "I don't know who Show Luo is" online and Luo's fans slammed him. Did he think about abandoning the online market? He said, "No! I wouldn't change because of other people!"

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