Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Sally Yeh (Yip Sin man) yesterday attended artists Loretta Yang Huishang and Chang Yi's six day UNCOVERING LIULI IN THIS MORTAL WORLD joint exhibition at the City Hall. A friend of Yang Huishang for 30 years due to their collaboration in GOLDEN QUEEN'S COMMANDOS (HUNG FUN BING TUEN), Sally said that she was very touched and proud of Yang Huishan when she saw her work. The Yang Huishang she knew was someone who was determined, enthusiastic, focused and put an effort into her creations. No matter what she wanted to challenge she was able to accomplish. They earlier dined with their co-star Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and felt like it was yesterday. Will they work with Ching Ha again? Sally joked, "We will work together on having dinner."

Yang Huishan said that Sally was her best friend. Even though she was older than Sally, she took great care of her. Yang Huishang even asked Sally, "Don't you owe me?" She revealed that when they made COMMANDO, Sally accidentally shot her with a fake gun and thought she was dead. Sally said, "The fake gun misfired and shot her in the chest. Ching Ha and I were stunned and screamed, thinking that I killed her. Yet she had no expression at all and just kept on working."

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