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Ronny Yu Yun Tai recently turned to Chinese film and directed the film SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) with handsome guys like Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Raymond Lam Fung, Vic Chou Yu Man, and Wu Chun. He admitted that through the interaction in the film he wanted to brought the message of benevolence and reminded the outside to remember this beautiful tradition of China.

As for casting, Yu Yun Tai said that before the shoot he met each one of the hunks. The quiet Jai Jai even received his "special treatment" and only had 4 lines of dialogue in the entire film. Yu Yun Tai joked, "When I met with Jai Jai in Taipei, during the entire process he only spoke 3 sentences. However this was what I wanted. Because he played a sniper, he had to be very cool and his eyes had to be very sharp. Jai Jai had such a feeling, so I told him to be himself." Ekin's big brother role ran into numerous obstacles, but because of a variety of problems Ekin returned to big brother role again.

Yu Yun Tai even revealed that Wu Chun suffered from the "worst pain for a man". He said, "In some scenes Wu Chun rode a horse with (Adam) Cheng Siu Chau behind him. The saddle had a piece of metal in front. Every time Chau Guoon bumped forward Wu Chun would scream, because he was very uncomfortable (lower body). Later the team adjusted the saddle a little and Wu Chun was more comfortable." Did Lam Fung's girlfriend Karena Ng Chin Yu visit the set? He said, "Who is she? At that time she wasn't! (What about Mavis Pan?) No, but every son had a lot of fans. They were still very focused on the set though."

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