Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Uncle and nephew Teddy Robin Kwan and Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu participated in the Ho Hong directed film DOOMSDAY.PARTY (MOOT YUT.PAI DUI). Two nights ago at the 11th Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum award presentation the film won the HAF award and the ARRI award, HK$150,000 cash prize and HK$150,000 in film equipment sponsorship.

Teddy Robin and Kwan Chor Yiu admitted that the film originally planned on winning the contest for funding, but before the official result was announced the film already received the Hong Kong Film Development Fund's assistance and a film company's investment to complete production. The award was not only a surprise but the prizes will help with the post production work and promotion. They were happy to be able to make this good film. In the film they played extremists. Kwan Chor Yiu made bombs and robbed a bank, while Teddy Robin set himself on fire to protest the financial system. Yet they were not worried that they would misguide viewers. Teddy Robin said, "The film theme is to remind everyone to remain alert and not to do anything bad." Kwan Chor Yiu said that the film reflected real life. The production involved ruling class property grab and he sensed the intensity of the problem. Teddy Robin looked forward to his nephew Kwan Chor Yiu to work together on music next time and display the hidden talent of the Kwan family.

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