Sunday, November 2, 2014


Anita Chui
Candy Yu defends Gregory Wong
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Gregory Wong Chung Hiu who recently streaked for his film two nights ago work ed with Anita Chui Bik Ga on their new film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI) in Causeway Bay. Candy Yu On On was also on hand.

In the film Wong Chung Hiu got into an accident while giving Anita a ride. His vehicle was stopped in the middle of the street, as many police officers surrounded him to investigate. An ambulance was also waiting. Inside they both looked stunned and dazed. Playing Wong Chung Hiu's mother, Yu On On rushed to the scene and debated with the police. She also demanded her son to be sent to the hospital for an examination.

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