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Moses Chan needs a stable work environment and income for his wife and child
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Moses Chan Ho after 13 years returned to the big screen with the local independent film DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM). Before starting in television, Chan Ho was in the film industry for 6 years and even made a category III film. Yesterday he spoke with Commercial Radio about his early film industry experience, and even stated that he and his wife Aimee Chan Yan Mei would continue to have children, the more the better.

Mo started in the business in 1994 as a model and worked on his first film TWENTYSOMETHING (MAN GAU JIU NG). He said that he has never had the film dream, he only wanted to make some "easy money" like modeling, but he did not expect the film to be category III. He said, "My first reaction was, 'What? Category III film? Oops! I got on the wrong ship!'" He even joked, "The entire film was 'all shakes and no sleep!' Hahaha! This was the most extreme film in my career. (Were you unable to accept the love scene, nude scenes were easier to accept?) Actually I can't accept nude scenes either! I look open minded but I am conservative inside." Although he could not accept nude scenes, if the story required it he would not mind making the sacrifice for art.

In recent years TVB had a mass exodus of young actors. Mo has been rumored to leave many times. He said, "At the time many people gave me great offers, but after consideration I decided on renewing my contract. (For the very high salary?) It's passable! Haha! Mainly because I started a family, my identity is no longer Chan Ho. It includes Chan Yan Mei, Aiden and the soon to be born child. For any decision I would consider wife and children first. I absolutely need a very stable working environment and income. (You don't have a wealthy father like Raymond Lam Fung!) I actually am very envious of him.......haha!" In comparison to other TVB actors, Mo rarely went to the Mainland to make RMB. He admitted, "I feel that if I can have a decent career in Hong Kong, why do I have to go? I don't want to affect my everyday life, now with a wife and children I don't want to leave them."

Speaking of having two children in less than three years after his marriage, did he have any "sure fire secret"? He said, "I really don't have any secret formula, I think the most important is to maintain a happy state of mind! My wife and I don't want Aiden to be alone, we want him to have siblings to keep him company so the more the better. I hope to be able to complete my soccer team! (Are you disappointed that the second child will be another boy?) No, I like both boys and girls. Because of Aiden, Aimee wanted a daughter more. Actually it doesn't matter, since we will have another!"

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