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Gong Li displays her goddess dominance
Tang Wei
Zhang Ziyi
Taiwan fashion world calls Kwai Lun-Mei "oxygen goddess"
Michelle Chen
Lee Sinjie
Ivy Chen
Joan Chen
Tiffany Hsu
Kuo Shu-Yau
Ella Chen
Aaron Kwok
Ethan Juan
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Jury members Stephen Fung, Joan Chen and Aaron Kwok wave to the audience on the red carpet
Tang Wei
KANO's Masatoshi Nagase and directed Umin Boya had a who wore it better moment
Zhang Ziyi is relaxed as she is not in the competition
Gong Li is Gong Li, as soon as she appears she grabs eyeballs
Zhang Huiwen
Michelle Chen
Rainie Yang
Tiffany Hsu
Lee Sinjie
Qin Hao and Annie Yi
Host Ella Chen flashes a little leg on the red carpet
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Last night the Golden Horse Award red carpet was star studded. This year's president Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) was praised for her well maintained figure. She smiled and said, "Do I need to exercise more?" First time at the Golden Horse Award, Gong Li said that she was very nervous but remembered to wave and blow kisses to fans who were screaming her name. In return she received meter busting screams. She admitted that she regretted only attending the Golden Horse Award in its 51st year, but she finally made it. How did she grasp her character? She said, "Watch the film, I completed the impossible mission in the film." Will she make another comedy after FLIRTING SCHOLAR (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG)? She said, "I will play a comedy version of COMING HOME!" Tang Wei received passionate cheers on the red carpet and she thanked everyone for their love for her. Last year's Golden Horse Best Actress did not arrive in Taiwan until yesterday afternoon, she said that this year she not only stayed at the same hotel as last year, even the room was exactly the same. That moment brought her a lot of sentiments because she recalled all that has happened this year. Her mood was especially different. Because this year she will only present an award, she was especially relaxed.

Last year's Golden Horse Best Actor Lee Kang-Sheng and Kuo Shu-Yau were guest presenters. With her display of deep "career line", did Lee Kang-Sheng not dare to look at her directly? He humorously said, "I am afraid that I would drool down to the 'career line'." Kuo Shu-Yau's face turned red and immediately covered up her chest with her arms. How did Lee Kang-Sheng feel about working with Yui Hatano? He joked, "I got a stroke from it." Actually he really had a minor stroke but luckily he was able to recover from it. When Kuo Shu-Yau was asked to make a turn to show off her figure, Lee Kang-Sheng also turn with her.

7 DESIGNS OF LOVE's Best New Performer nominee Tiffany Hsu said that in order to wear the beautiful gown she did not eat all day. Did her boyfriend Ethan Juan send his blessing? She bashfully asked the reporters to ask Siu Tin. Speaking of Siu Tin being on the red carpet as well, will they be able to pose for photos and be interviewed together? She whined, "Oh, don't mess around." Siu Tin walked the red carpet with the PARADISE IN SERVICE team. He said that he has always seen the potential in his girlfriend's performance and said that both her performance and life experience were very rich. He has never cheered on his girlfriend any less. Sean Lau Ching Wan two nights ago won Best Actor with LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPAL (DUET MING GUM), this time he is nominated again with THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK). Yet his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming felt ill after arriving in Taiwan, she remained at the hotel to rest.

Taiwan film KANO's Japanese star Masatoshi Nagase and director Umin Boya yesterday wore the same suit to the red carpet. Later when Umin Boya and Lee Lieh presented Best Original Screenplay he forgot his lines. Lee Lieh immediately tried to cover for him. KANO on the eve of the Golden Horse Award won the FIPRESCI prize and the Golden Horse Audience Choice Award.

Qin Hao walked the red carpet with the BLIND MASSAGE team. His finace Annie Yi was by his side. They not only held hands but while waiting Yi even pouted at Qin Hao. As for their wedding date, they said that in February they will have wedding ceremonies in China and Taiwan. Qin Hao said, "As long as you ask, we won't hide anything." Yi hoped taht her film THE QUEENS will be at the Golden Horse Award next year.

Host Ella Chen Chia-Hwa admitted that due to the enormous pressure she frequently had nightmares lately. "I once dreamed that no one was on the red carpet, then the broadcast had to be stopped." Her colleague Mickey Huang in order to "stand out" put eight centimeter pads in his shoes. Later the married Ella reenacted a PARADISE IN SERVICE scene and opened the Golden Horse with a song and dance number. Before Best Actor was announced, Ella openly "flirted" with Chen Jian-bin and Liao Fan right in front of her husband.

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