Friday, November 14, 2014


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Yuen King Tan appeared on a Cable program to discuss her start in the business and share her experience with Stephen Chow Sing Chi and Kent Cheng Juk Si. She praised Chow Sing Chi as exceptionally talented but gave her a lot of stress. Every time at work she would be at the edge of her seat. She also mentioned her relationship with Lam Ching Ying and dissected how she faced his passing.

With almost 30 years in the business, Yuen Jai learned a lot from Sing Yeh but at the same time deeply felt the pressure. "He really knew how to grasp the comedic pace, in front of him I was only an elementary school student. Once I couldn't understand how matter how much he explained, he then just performed once for me. However I still wasn't able to achieve his result. Although I always say that I wasn't afraid of him, but inside I was very afraid of working with him. I am still very afraid." She said that in front of Sing Yeh she has already run out of talent. Thus she guessed why in recent years he has not asked her to work on his films. Yuen Jai also thanked Cheng Juk Si for being both like a friend and a teacher to her, for his support and advice.

Romantically, Yuen Jai pointed out that when she was young and immature, she liked to date different types of men. Was her relationship with the late Lam Ching Ying the most memorable because it was life and death? Yuen Jai solemnly said, "I like serious men, Lam Ying Ching at work was very serious. I believe that each actor would have experience with falling for the co-star, but many couldn't develop. We just kept developing. Sometimes I believe in fate. On that day of his passing, I had to go out to look at a property. When I left I suddenly felt very sleepy, so sleepy that I immediately slept for ten minutes. Then I dreamed that he passed. When I woke I heard the phone ring and I knew that he has already passed away." Yuen Jai in recent years mostly worked on Mainland series. She admitted that the Mainland treatment was better than Hong Kong's and she felt like she was respected.

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