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Vic Chou and Gao Yuanyuan
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Miriam Yeung and Vic Chou work on the DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 poster
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DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) opened last week. In a few short days it already broke 100 million at the Mainland box office. Aside from surpassing the performance of the first film, it also broke director Johnnie To Kei Fung's suspense comedy THE BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM)'s 85 million yuan RMB in 4 days box office record. In Hong Kong it also broke HK$ 5 million in 4 days. To Kei Fung was very pleased with the film's excellent performance and thanked viewers for their love for him.

Earlier the DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 actors worked on the poster. A Holland space adventure company announced that for HK$ 1.68 million you would get a chance to fly in space for 4 minutes. Louis Koo Tin Lok, Vic Chou Yu Man, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Gao Yuanyuan were very excited. Jai Jai even stated that he would treat the other 3 F4 members Jerry Yan (Yin Sing Yuk), Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) and Ken Zhu (Chu Hau TIn) to sing in space. He said, "I will pay, F4 will fly together. If there will be any accident, F4 will vanish in space." Speaking of the 4 minute long flight, what will they do? He joked that they will sing METEOR GARDEN, which was just right for 4 minutes.

Jai Jai even joked that he will say in the space, "Friends at the peak, how are you!" He said that the most frequently said Cantonese in Hong Kong Coliseum concerts. Chin Wa immediately told Jai Jai to find a Hong Kong girlfriend to help with learning Cantonese. He actually seriously answered, "I will have a chance in the next life."

Chin Wa wanted to take her mother, her son Torres and her husband Real Ting Chi Go to space. However her son was too little. They will go when he will turn 18. She will also bring a production team, photographer, lighting technician and sound engineer to capture the moment of excitement when she will break out of Earth. However 4 minutes will only be enough for her to laugh and scream. Yuanyuan wanted to take her husband, their future child and manager to space. She said that in outer space she will not take photos, because looking with her eyes will be even more beautiful than taking any photo. The photo will affect the memory in her mind.

Goo Jai paid attention to space travel news, but the cost will be over 1 million. Actually the flight will only fly a little outside the atmosphere and not truly to the moon. Actually he wanted to go to Mars and Jupiter. If he participated in this plan, Goo Jai will like to go with scientists and mechanical experts the most.

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