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Gao Yuanyuan and Daniel Wu are full of chemistry the second time around
Miriam Yeung calls Vic Chou carrying her "moving a mountain"
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Vic Chou Yu Man (Jai Jai), Gao Yuanyuan and director Johnnie To Kei Fung two nights ago attended the film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2)'s charity premiere. Some of the proceeds will be donated to Lok Sin Tong Special Educational Needs Service.

Chin Wa and Jai Jai earlier promoted the film in the Mainland, Jai Jai was even arranged to reprise the proposal scene. Was he very nervous? Chin Wa cut in, "Why would he?" Did Jai Jai have similar experience? He said that he did not, he has only proposed on screen. In the film he had to carry Chin Wa. Chin Wa described it as "moving a mountain". Because at the time she just had her son seven months before, she has not lost the weight. She praised Jai Jai. "He was very professional, I even tested how fit he was. He was very strong." However Chin Wa did not dare to watch this scene because at the time she was very swollen. Thus two nights ago she asked her husband Real Ting Chi Kot to watch first and even told him not to say she was bad. She said that the entire world could say that, just not her husband.

Did Jai Jai really carry Chin Wa? He admitted that he did because it was a close up shot. As for a third film, Jai Jai said that if the director would need him, he would continue to participate. Earlier he even discussed with Yuanyuan what the third film would be about. Chin Wa suggested for Ng Yin Cho to travel through time from the past to the modern. She would play his descendant. She said, "Yet actually I am a transgender. Wow, this has to be a horror film!"

Ng Yin Cho admitted that he has not seen Gao Yuanyuan for a whole year, at the time she still was not married yet. Would he ask Yuanyuan to have children soon? Ng Yin Cho said, "You can't force people about that, the more you force the more unfair it is. Do you know how much pressure having a baby is? If you haven't experienced it you wouldn't know. Back then I had a lot of pressure. Because ours didn't come for over 2 years, letting it be is the best." As for Goo Jai's idea of homosexuality in the next film, Ng Yin Cho quickly said, "Great, it's not like I haven't made gay films before. My first film in the business was about that, even earlier than BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. What is there to be afraid of? Goo Jai is very promiscuous, but I haven't kissed him yet. (Would you try a kiss scene?) I would."

Gao Yuanyuan said that the last time Goo Jai and Ng Yin Cho's poster was turned into them kissing each other. She personally would not resist intimate scenes with women since they would both be actors.

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