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Chen Jianbin and his wife Jian Qinqin
Ng Man Tat
Wong Kar Wai and his wife attend the Golden Horse
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Gong Li wants to be at her best for the Golden Horse Award
Gong Li picks out jewelry at the Piaget store
Kwai Lun-Mei
Taiwan media uniformly picks Cheng Shiang-Chyi
Leon Dai is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the fourth time and laughs like he won
KANO's Masatoshi Nagase with the FIPRESCI prize
Jacky Cheung will be the guest performance and present Bst New Director
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The 51st Golden Horse Award will take place tonight in Taipei. Nominees have already arrived. Nominated for Best Actress for the first time with the film COMING HOME, Mainland actress Gong Li has already arrived in Taiwan two nights ago. Today he will compete with Tang Wei, Vicki Zhao Wei, Kwai Lun-Mei, Chen Shiang-Chyi for the Best Actress award. Was she confident about winning? Gong Li admitted, "I am confident! However I feel not winning would not be a big deal either. No matter who will win, I feel all of us actresses deserve it." She also said that she would treat the race normally. If she was fortunate enough to win, it would be another peak in her acting life.

In addition, the director Peter Chan Ho Sun directed DEAREST only had the Golden Horse Best Actress nomination for Zhao Wei. He stated, "I am truly baffled, but every place has its rules of the game. You can only respect them, not to ask why and not to blame. As Hong Kong people say, you can't 'hit when you lose and want when you win'! When people give it to you you say it's fair, when they don't you say it is unfair. Everyday jury has its subjectivity." Was he confident about Zhao Wei's chances? He admitted that of course Zhao Wei was his favorite because he saw more than her on screen performance. COMING HOME's Gong Li was also decent, but he felt that it was not Gong Li's best work. Because Zhao Wei was working on a film in the U.S., she will not be able to attend. Will he attend? He joked, "I wasn't nominated."

Last night the event invited nominees at a party. The BLACK COAL, THIN ICE Best Actress nominee Kwai Lun-Mei and her boyfriend Leon Dai both attended the event but did not pose for photos together.

As for first time Golden Horse Best Actress nominee Gon Li, she was on a "personal trip" and unable to attend. Tang Wei rushed over from Italy and arrived in Taiwan this morning. She worried that she would not be alert and turned down her original presenter job, leaving Cheung Hok Yau alone to present the new director award. However she will still attend the Golden Horse award.

Kwai Lun-Mei said that for BLACK COAL, THIN ICE she went to many places. Now she finally returned to her birthplace. As for her Best Actress pick, she only said that she liked Chen Shiang-chyi's performance in EXIT very much. Her boyfriend Leon Dai joked that he did not finish any of the Best Actress nominated films. "If I say it it would be a family and friend point of view, but we would encourage each other."

Cheng Shiang-chyi competed with EXIT. She said that she wanted to win more than before, as she wanted to stand on the stage for Taiwan film. The Taiwan media also picked her to win Best Actress. She happily said, "If I win all are invited (to dinner)." BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES Best Actor nominee Chang Chen treated their child in his wife's belly as lucky, he hoped that it would bring good luck.

Taiwan film KANO last night has already won the FIPRESCI prize and the audience's choice award. Producer Wei Te-Sheng, director Umin Boya, lead actor Masatoshi Nagase and Tsao Yu Ning attended. Masatoshi Nagase weighed the little Golden Horse Award and joked, "51 years of history is really very heavy."

Jacky Cheung Hok Yau yesterday arrived in Taiwan to prepare for tonight's Golden Horse Award as guest performer. After 15 years away from the Golden Horse stage, this time he would represent filmmaker's passion for film with his new song USING THE REST OF MY LIFE TO LOVE. He will present the Best New Director.

Cheung Hok Yau joked that because he did not have any nomination, he could only participate with his performance. He did not get an award so he blamed himself for not working hard enough. In the future he will have a chance to work hard and make movies!

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