Wednesday, November 12, 2014


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Stephen Fung, Joan Lin, Aaron Kwok
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The 51st Golden Horse Award will take place on the 22nd. Yesterday the press conference was held. This year's jury appeared. This year's jury chair will be the famous international director Joan Chen, who also won Best Actress twice. She was very honored to be the chair and would take the chance to properly learn.

Joan Chen denied that the rumors that she and Gong Li were at odds. She even said that Gong Li was one of the best actors in China, and she looked forward to running into her at the Golden Horse. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Stephen Fung Tak Lun were also on the jury. Kwok Fu Sing said that he would serve the Golden Horse openly and fairly. He felt honored to be a jury member and also joked that the Golden Horse jury marathon style film viewings forced him to sleep early, which he admitted that he was not used to. In addition the executive committee would prepare rich Taiwanese food for them to enjoy after each film viewing. He felt very guilty, everyday after returning to his hotel he had to work out to burn off the calories.

Fung Tak Lun served on the jury for the first time. He said that he has already halted all of his work for now in hops of being able to serve the jury role well. Then he would not disappoint the executive committee for choosing him. He joked that his friend Kwok Fu Sing had too many opinions, talking on and on at every meeting was inevitable. He has already thought of a good strategy to handle him. He would take him to the spicy hot pot casserole that he must have every time he went to Taiwan. Then he could stuff his mouth shut.

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