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Karena Ng Chin Yu, Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei), Janelle Sing Kwan and Alex Lam Tak Shun starred in the film KUNG FU ANGELS (CHING CHUN DAU), which will open on December 4th in Hong Kong. In the film Chin Yu pursued Tsui Ching Hei. In order to get close to him she joined the school wushu team. Sing Kwan who played the elder saw right through her. In order to make her quit, she sent three juniors to fight Chin Yu. Dodging left and right, Chin Yu could only jumped on the basketball rim to avoid the fight.

Chin Yu had to face a lot of action scenes this time and thought they were a lot of fun. "Actually I didn't fight much, Sing Kwan and Ah Hei fought the most. In the film I was the best in volleyball, I didn't know kung fu." However in the film everyone was well trained in martial arts, the three actors who chased after her were real Shaolin lay person disciples. Thus she was very worried that she would be truly "hit". She kept on asking action director Leung Siu Hung for advice. He also directed Chin Wa's acting to keep her from getting hurt.

Chin Yu said, "The director is great, with doubles all ready to go for us. Before the shoot he also arranged for the stunt instructors to teach us a little kung fu, unfortunately at the time I was working on another film WONG KA YAN. I couldn't make time to return to the Mainland and learn. I could only improvise on the set!" As for the scene in which she jumped onto the basketball rim, Chin Wa said that it looked easier than it was. She said, "Although we had wires, I had to hold on. Carelessly I bruised my leg."

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