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Working with Charlene Choi 10 years later, Anthony Wong feels that she has matured but still is a little girl inside
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The film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN) two nights held a premiere. Actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Wong Yau Nam, Carrie Ng Ka Lai and others attended. Ah Sa and her boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting both celebrate their birthday this month, but William lately has been busy with a Mainland series. Ah Sa admitted that they rarely saw each other and did not know if they will celebrate together. However she has already prepared a gift because it had to be ordered. She refused to reveal what it was though. As for her gift, she said that she did not care what it was as long as it came from the heart. Would she like a wedding ring? She said that currently she would like to put her career first.

Recently William's appearance was said to have changed and resembled Korean group EXO-M member Luhan. Ah Sa said that because he got a new haircut, with the bangs he looked Korean. This hairstyle was truly too memorable. Lately Joey Yung Cho Yi's father was said to owe money, Ah Sa only found out from the report. Earlier when she dined with Joey she did not mention it. She did not feel that she was any different mood wise. Yau Nam who just celebrated his 31st birthday said that he received gifts from many friends, like phones, children Octopus Card and Swallowtail Butterfly shaped cake.

Chau Sun remembered that 10 years ago when he worked with Ah Sa he received a chair as a gift. She felt that Ah Sa now has become mature but is still a little girl to him. As for the online rumor of a Mainland internet boycott over the film over Chau Sun's comments, Chau Sun clarified that the incident was sabotage. He and Emperor Entertainment have already taken action against the two online rumor mongers.

Chau Sun said, "One is from Hong Kong, the other from the Mainland. Their facebook and Weibo have already been closed. If they are found we will take legal action." He reiterated that he has never made the "locust comment". "When have I said that, the comment I made was two year ago about equal opportunity, but my words were twisted as they used red words to cover up my original statement. The Mainland has already issued letters to the related authorities to prove that it was not my comment, and get justice for me. Everyone is clear that there is no ban! However recently my news has had a little effect."

Speaking of working with Chapman To Man Chak on director Herman Yau Lai To's new film, Chau Sun said, "I have asked Yau Lai To, and he said that (the film) wasn't even in development yet." However he would not resist working with Ah Jat. He said, "Work wise I don't see any problem. It's just a film production, it's not like we have to be buddies! He hasn't been as despicable to me as that yet, some people are even more despicable to me. (Who?) They know. How can I tell, whoever has been naming names then that's who!" Chau Sun earlier had some displeasure with TVB over their series. He said that his collaboration with the production team has been very pleasant.

Playing mobsters in the film, Chan Wai Man and Ng Chi Hung were praised for their convincing performance, the roles seemed to be tailored for them. Ng Chi Hung said, "Don't say that, this is Causeway Bay!" Chan Wai Man said, "Only before we have made many similar films!"

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