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Michelle Reis' son does not appreciate the nutritious meals that she cooks
Hilary Tsui, Wyman Wong
Amanda S.
Kathy Chow
Sylvia Chang's son Oscar Wong and his girlfriend
New Zealand Singer Lorde guest performs at the Prada post party
Jennifer Tse remains friends with her ex
Korean series THE GREATEST LOVE's Cha Seung-Won and Gong Hyo-Jin
Prada's Pradasphere opens in Hong Kong
Prada uses a drone for aerial shots of Hong Kong at night
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Prada after its May Pradasphere exhibit in London last night landed in Hong Kong. Stars including Gong Li, Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yan), Gong Hyo-Jin, Cha Seung-Won, Jennifer Tse Ting Ting and Kathy Chow Man Kei attended. Gong Li will attend the Golden Horse Award for the first time Saturday in Taiwan. Sh said that she was a little ashamed that she did not have a chance to be nominated for Best Actress until the 51st Golden Horse Award.

Gong Li with COMING HOME received a Taiwan Golden Horse Award Best Actress nomination. She revealed that the Golden Horse Award has been around for 51 years but she only received a Best Actress nomination for the first time. She truly felt regretful and ashamed. Yet she also felt honored for the chance to participate, thus she will definitely attend Saturday. She has never thought about her chance to win because every nominated actress was good. Who was the biggest competition? She said that Vicki Zhao Wei changed a lot, Tang Wei was also outstanding. She felt that everyone performed very well. Speaking of rumors of dispute between her and jury member Joan Chen, would her chance be lower? She asked, "Who said that? We aren't at odds. Actually we have never officially met. I believe that her jury standard will be very fair, with good movie and performance as her judging standard."

Gong Li said that she felt Joan Chan was a good actor and a good director. He even wanted to be an actor in her film. As for playing THE MONKEY KING 2's White Bone Spirit for 12 million yuan RMB, she said that she has already read the script. She thought it was great but she has not signed a contract yet. The price was being negotiated.

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