Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Jackie Chan believes that his son Jaycee Chan's detention is good.  He believes that an all new Jaycee Chan will appear
Jackie Chan forces a smile

courtesy of on.cc
Fan Bingbing slips from the scaffold and screams
Fan Bingbing climbs onto the neon light scaffold
Fan Bingbing looks to climb the scaffold from the balcony
Fan Bingbing tries to calm her nerves after work with a coconut
Jackie Chan greets the media but keeps his distance
courtesy of mingpao.com

The film SKIPTRACE shot on location in Hong Kong. Fan Bingbing two nights ago personally performed a stunt in mid air over Kowloon City, during which she almost slipped. Her scream echoed through the streets!

The location was an old building. Fan Bingbing had to climb from a second floor balcony onto a giant neon light sign outside. The crew first shot Fan Bingbing's double doing th stunt. The double first got on and off the sign to test the marks, then a shot a fall from the sign to the street.

Around 8 PM Fan Bingbing personally performed. She was on wires and also has taken all the safety precaution. At first she sat dangerously on the balcony. She not only did not appear to be afraid but also shot the street with her phone. The crew helped her onto the sign. Sh then followed the instruction and performed a series of stunts, one of which she had to hang upside down off the sign. She of course took all the wardrobe malfunction precaution. However, during the shoot she slipped. She was so scared she screamed. The entire street heard her. Luckily she was fine as the crew was also sweating bullets.

Fan Bingbing took over two hours to shoot this scene. Her double completed the dangerous stunts. Around 10PM Jackie Chan appeared. After patrolling the set he went to the other side to eat with the crew. They went to a hot pot casserole shop, but they only stayed for a short while then left. Jackie Chan maintained his smile and greeted reporters. He walked fas and the crew told reporters not to get close. Jackie Chan slowed down for pedestrians' requests for handshakes and photos. He returned to the set for 10 minutes and left. Later at night he returned to the set. Fan Bingbing left around 11PM with a coconut in hand.

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