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Dominic Ho and Jeana Ho
The film uses roast duck instead of the traditional roast pig for the production start ceremony

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Hazel Tong
Winnie Leung
Candy Yuen reportedly is putting on air and upsetting everyone
Jeana Ho feels the title of lead actress is useless if the movie bombs
Jeana Ho was giving Candy Yuen looks
Jeana Ho turns her head when Candy Yuen presents incense sticks
Candy Yuen, Hazel Tong, Jeana Ho, Winnie Leung
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Candy Yuen Ka Man lately agreed to perform in the nude for Wong Jing's new film NGAP WONG (DUCK KING). As her popularity rose, she was accused of "getting a big head".

Earlier the team worked on the poster. Yuen Ka Man who was arranged to pose on the ground immediately complained about back pains. Because her poses were stiff, the photographer tried to "fix the poses" but got the cold shoulder. She often said, "It's fine, that works." Reportedly Jeana in order to ease the tension joked around with everyone and gave them a "song and dance", but Yuen Ka Man continued to act up. For solo photo shoots she asked to "cut the line". In the end she even left early because she was in a hurry.

Yesterday the film company arranged for Yuen Ka Man, Jeana, Winnie Leung Man Yi, Hazel Tong Chi Yui and Dominic Ho Ho Man for the film's production start worship ceremony. When the ceremony started Yuen Ka Man stayed back and made a grand entrance in the end. The other three actresses all gave her looks. During the group photo she even stood further from the others. The reporters had to remind her before she "pretended to be intimate". Reportedly Yuen Ka Man's entrance was due to the crew. "When she went out her swimsuit came loose. Originally the other three stopped to wait for her, costume (director) said no need and told them to go ahead."

Later Tong Chi Yui and Leung Man Yi had a few words about Yuen Ka Man's behavior as of late. Jeana was asked about the poster shoot. "I didn't pay attention to anything else, because that day I was busy clowning around to cheer everyone back up. (Did Yuen Ka Man ask to leave early?) I was the last one to stay for the solo shoot. (Did she stress that she is the lead actress?) Actually film is about team work, the focus should be making something the audience likes and succeed at the box office. If not what good is the lead actress title? Substance is the most important!"

As for the co-star "boycott" and looks, Yuen Ka Man said, "Huh? I don't know, I haven't been in the same scene with them. Even though I have worked with Leung Man Yi we aren't too it due to the cold today? (Are you and Jeana fighting over screen time?) Brother Jing is right next to me, do you want to ask him? The contract stipulates that I am the lead actress. (You have a larger role than her?) Probably."

In addition, to make his character stand out Dominic appeared with "illegal addition". "When I walk I have to spread my thighs. When I go to the bathroom I have to go through a few more steps. Actually I ask costumes to help with a Velcro tab. It would be more convenient. (Sandra Ng Kwan Yu asked Raymond Lam Fung to be her film's duck king.) He is suitable for the mature generation, my performance is a little more relaxed."

Leung Man Yi said, "I have only worked with Candy on FROM VEGAS TO MACAU. (Did you know that she has upset everyone over the poster incident?) I know she was in a hurry that day and had to leave early. (Did you have any exchange?) So far we have no scene together yet, it's just a film production. It's team work, it is unimportant if you are the lead actress or not. The most important is being polite. Catering and costume are doing their jobs too. There is no us or them. We all have to get along peacefully!"

Hazel said that Candy could steal the spotlight during the promote. "I don't have anything to say to her! (Do you have any communication?) This is her personality, it is the way she has always been. She doesn't want to come in contact with others, she is an one home village! (Are you worried that she would steal the spotlight?) I am confident in myself, I don't have to be like her to show off even during promotion. I can't do it!"

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