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Michelle Wai, Rose Chan, Ava Yu
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Louis Koo is not worried about competing against himself next Lunar New Year
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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ava Yu Kiu, Michelle Wai Si Nga, Rose Chan Ka Wun and others last night attended an event. The Koo Tin Lok starred film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) made almost 100 million RMB after 3 days in its Mainland release. Last night Goo Jai was very happy and hoped that they would celebrate later. He said that he just returned from a film production in Paris. Speaking of the Lunar New Year, Goo Jai will have several film releases. Was he worried about competing against himself? He said, "I am not worried about the box office competition because they each have their own style." Speaking of the rumors that he invested in the film GUM NGAP (GOLDEN DUCK), he said that he would not respond. Will he work on DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 3? He said that it will depend on the box office and if the audience likes it. Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) said that he would not mind kissing him in the third film, he too said that he would not mind. He would have to see how Mr. Wai will write it.

With the first film, Ng Yin Cho got married and left bachelorhood. With the second film Gao Yuanyuan wed. With the third film will it be him? He joked, "Movie is movie, real life is real life. It doesn't make sense after playing a killer for an actor to kill someone in real life." He was asked if he was dating and he said no comment. Was he very dry? He joked, "My hands are dry like Spider-Man's."

Chan Ka Wun said that earlier her family and friends gave her a surprise birthday party. She was moved to tears and ruined her make up. She said that her birthday wish was to make more movies and good box office for her new films. As for a boyfriend, she said that she did not think about that specifically. She had very few suitors. Wai Si Nga said that in December she will work on a new film. She wanted to look for a teacher to learn acting from. Would she ask Anthony Wong Chau Sun? She said that she would like to but she probably would not make his class. She said that the new film will star Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and Carlos Chan Ka Lok. She said, "Six years ago when we started we worked together. This time the trio is back together again. I look forward to it very much because everyone has become mature."

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