Saturday, November 15, 2014


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Leon Lai Ming two days ago attended his film DYNASTY WOMAN's launch ceremony. Perhaps due to an exhibit at the venue, the crowd delayed the ceremony; Lai Ming who arrived early from Hong Kong appeared to be in a foul mood and often talked back to the host. The film company released the film posters without the usual "coming soon" or "release date"; the film company did not give any official explanation, adding another layer of mystery.

The host asked what attracted Lai Ming to the role of the Emperor. Because the question sounded too rehearsed, Lai Ming said, "You are reciting your lines, my answer isn't a line! This film has such a great director team, Tian Zhuangzhuang and Zhang Yimou are both directors actors want to work with. The Emperor's persistence for love is very rare in history. To be able to play such a love story, it is very attractive to any actor." The host awkwardly explained that he was not reciting lines, only that he was excessively excited to see his "god".

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