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Liu Kai Chi jokes about wanting passionate scenes with Rose Chan
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Rose Chan and Liu Kai Chi are happy that their film I SELL LOVE wins a Best Film Jury prize in India
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The Kevin Chu Ka Won directed, based on an original play and best selling novel I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) after winning Best Editing at the Barcelona International Film Festival won the Best Film Jury prize at the Indian Cine Film Festival. Because Chu Ka Won did not attend to accept the award, after he received the award earlier he met with the media with his actors Rose Chan Ka Wun and Liu Kai Chi to share the joy.

I SELL LOVE will open in Hong Kong on December 4. The film earlier has already been selected for many international film festivals in Europe, Asia and America as well as this year's Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Chu Ka Won did not expect that the film would receive many international film festival's recognition, looking back the film was almost scrapped due to financing problems. He pointed out that the film already applied for funding with the Hong Kong Film Development Fund. As everything was ready, several days before the shoot he suddenly received a notice that the application was rejected because the film had no commercial market. Later a friend helped with an investment and the film was able to start production. This time he chose Rose to play the assisted dating escort girl because she had no "pseudo model flavor". Yet he also worried that at her age due to the lack of life experience if she would be able to interpret restrained and transforming emotions, but actually she was mature in her thinking. Although the film put her under a lot of stress, her performance in the end did not disappoint. The most memorable was when she performed one scene, she was crying in hiding afterward. Later when she talked about this scene again during interviews, Rose's face again was covered in tears.

Rose said that playing an assisted dating girl this time was very stressful, but after the film's advanced screenings the online messages were positive. At the same time the film received school invitations for screenings for liberal studies teaching material. Students' response after watching the film was great. Actually the social problem of assisted dating girls were very worthy of everyone's consideration. This time Rose and Uncle Chi had many scenes together, from which she benefited a lot. Uncle Chi also taught her to slow down her speaking pace. Playing her mother, Kung Chi Yan often reminded her about her costume. In one scene when she slapped her, she needed over ten slaps before it was completed. She joked that she has studied kung fu. After she had some place to use it, as she was able to take the hits.

Chu Ka Won thanked Uncle Chi for giving a lot of suggestions during the script preparation process. Uncle Chi received credit for the film's success. Uncle Chi said that he and Rose had bed scenes, but they only lay in bed. They did not have any intimate behavior. He agreed with the director's idea of making the film was life has take two. Chu Ka Won also said that the film's other actor Adrian Wong Chi Ching was making her film debut. The film has already applied for Hong Kong Film Award. He hoped that Uncle Chi and Rose will be nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress, while Wong Chi Ching will be nominated for Best New Actor.

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