Saturday, November 8, 2014


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Michelle Yeoh's father passed away peaceful at home in Ipoh
Finace Jean Todt arrives in Malaysia to be with Michelle Yeoh
Jean Todt gives his condolences to the Yeoh family
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Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King)'s father, Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik, on the 5th (Wednesday) passed away peacefully in his Ipoh home. The funeral took place today. Yeung Chi King's fiance Jean Todt two days ago arrived in Malaysia. When he arrived he embraced Yeung Chi King and consoled the Yeoh family and friends. On the obituary, he was listed as son in law, but Yeung Chi King explained that they have not officially wed.

Yeung Chi King said that they have been together for years and saw each other as companions. Her family also was on the same wavelength he was listed as son in law in the obituary. Over a year ago Yeung Chi King revealed that he has already agreed to wed and began preparing the wedding. She said that she had wedding plans but the timing was not right. According to the Hokkien tradition, with a death in the family any wedding to take place with 100 days. Otherwise it would have to wait 3 years. She said that she was not sure about the tradition, but she would not move up or move back her wedding due to tradition. Did her father want her to marry soon? She said that Papa gave her a lot of freedom.

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