Monday, November 3, 2014


Adrian Wong, Pakho Chau, Rose Chan
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Rose Chan plays an escort
Pakho Chau jokes about regretting missing Rose Chan's bathing scene
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To encourage support of domestic films, this year's Hong Kong Asian Film Festival added a domestic segment. Two nights ago the Rose Chan Ka Wun, Pakho Chau and Adrian Wong Chi Ching starred new film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) was screened. They, director Kevin Chu Ka Won and Judy Chu Fung Han attended.

Rose said that the film was screened earlier and had an audience exchange. Because in the film she played an assisted dating girl, the audience said that they sensed her struggle, wanting to turn back but having to pay the price. Two nights ago were the second and third screenings. She would attend and enjoy the film with the audience. As for the film poster featuring her back, did she have any daring performance in the film? She said, "Yes, for example bathing and changing scenes. At the time I was very scared and worried that I wouldn't be able to perform them. Because I used to make action films, I needed to adjust to dramatic films. However the director praised me for being better than expected, so I was at ease. (Will she have even more daring performance in the future?) This time is already the bottom line. (Did she need to clear the set during the shoot?) For parts of it it was, actually everyone would see the film after it was released, the moment of clearing the setting was only make myself feel more secure."

Pakho and Rose in the film had a romance, but he was not present during her sexy scenes. He said, "This time I didn't have any breakthrough performance, but I play a good guy for the first time. I used to play mostly bad guys like gambling addicts and cheaters. (Was it hard to play a good guy?) It really was pretty hard." Was he a good guy in real life? He laughed and said, "Absolutely, if I have to say what I am bad at I would say having no time for my family. For example this month I would only have a few days in Hong Kong. Sometimes I wouldn't see my parents for two weeks. When I did I realized that they already looked different. I would get a little scared." He joked that his parents' stance was mostly hoping for their children to give them more money to spend, so they would have spare money to go on vacation. He said that he has been paying for his family expense fully and hoped that his parents would accept it. He planned for a family trip during the Lunar New Year to spend more time with them.

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