Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Jessica C. says that she will not move in with Andy Tien
Nick Cheung tries a little magic trick
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended a Christmas lighting ceremony. Ka Fai is busy with a new horror film preparation. Speaking of directing the same genre again, he said, "This time I am taking more risks in hopes of doing better. I will perform as well. Because horror films can't pass Mainland inspection, I hope to find a local actress for the lead. (How about your wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho?) We are too close so that's not too good, it's too early to say." He revealed that he will spend Christmas on a family vacation.

After losing the Golden Horse Best Actress, Gong Li blasted the Golden Horse Award for being unfair and announced that she will no longer participate in the Golden Horse Award. Former Golden Horse Best Actor Ka Fai said, "I have no comment on whether it is fair or not, but I feel Gong Li is pretty cool because she has already made several foreign films. She is an actress with depth and creativity, a point that everyone agrees with. An award would be added bonus, she in everyone's heart is already an actress of certain caliber." He has not seen Gong Li's nominated film COMING HOME, but he has seen her other films. "With Gong Li's sincerity, experience and skills, she is already an international quality actress. Whether she wins or not it is unimportant, I hope she will continue to make films that people appreciate."

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