Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai say their kiss scene feels like incest
courtesy of on.cc

Artists Venus Wong Man Yik, Michelle Wai Si Nga and Carlos Chan Ka Lok last night attendd their film UNEXPECTED RELATIONSHIPS SOCIETY (OI MEI BUT MING GUAN HAI YIN GAU HOK WUI) charity screening. Rumored couples Wai Si Nga and Chan Ka Lok attended together. Being called "not avoiding dating publicly", Wai Si Nga said that he was like a little brother to her and revealed that Chan Ka Lok not only knew many members of the opposite sex but also was very lucky with people. When Wai Si Nga was asked if she could accept a relationship with a younger man, Chan Ka Lok cut in. "I will answer for her. She accepts relationships with younger men but she doesn't accept me!" She also joked that if they had kiss scenes they felt like incest.

Once rumored to be at odds with director Heiward Mak Hei Yan, Wong Man Yik dispelled the rumor with action. At the event she and Director Mak chatted and laughed. She said that they only changed collaboration format.

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