Monday, November 3, 2014


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The film SHANGFAI NOIRE (BO JAU SUN TAM) held a press conference in Macau. Attending actors included Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin), Zhou Dongyu, Yang Zishan and others. Siu Tin and Zhou Dongyu became good friends after this collaboration. Yesterday they often bickered. Siu Tin even said that the innocent looking Dongyu had a "poisoned tongue".

Siu Tin said that in the film he had to carry Dongyu and run. Dongyu at the time joked, "At your age, are you still physically able to?" Siu Tin immediately picked up Dongyu and Zishan at the same time to display his strength, afterward he said that it was a lot of fun. Yet Dongyu almost touched Siu Tin's important area when she was picked up. Siu TIn pointed out that this collaboration with Dongyu was very pleasant. She was very lovable and playful. As for rumors, he reacted with exaggeration that they were too different. He even said that he originally wanted to introduce his 12 year old brother to Dongyu, but most guys liked gentle girls. With Dongyu's personality it would be hard for her to meet boyfriends. Siu Tin will celebrate his birthday on the 8th. He said that he will be working abroad and hoped to disappear for a day. He joked that birthday was the best excuse to disappear. Would his girlfriend surprise him? Siu Tin happily said, "Definitely!"

Yang Zishan and boyfriend Wu Zhongtian lately have been rumored to register their marriage in Nanjing. Zishan said that they have not registered. Because of Zhongtian's leg injury their wedding had to be postponed. They would wait until his full recovery before deciding. In addition their parents haven't met yet.

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