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Gong Li supposedly lost to Chen Shiang-Chyi only by one vote
Tang Wei denies that she is upset after the defeat and says that she will keep working hard
Aaron Kwok
Stephen Fung
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Tang Wei does not mind that she does not win Best Actress because of the strong competition.  She is still happy for director Ann Hui

Joan Chen says that Gong Li's performance in COMING HOME was very precise
Joan Chen says that after several rounds of fierce debates the jury reached an agreement on Best Actress Chen Shiang-Chyi
Best Actor Chen Jianbin and his wife Jiang Qinqin celebrate with champagne
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The 51st Golden Horse Awards ended last night in Taipei. Ann Hui On Wa with THE GOLDEN ERA won her third Best Director. After the event celebration, Hui On Wa and Tang Wei continued to celebrate with spice hot pot casserole. Speaking of Tang Wei's Best Actress defeat, she was still crazy with joy that Hui On Wa won. As for losing to EXIT's Chen Shiang-Chyi, she said that she was already very happy with the nomination. She was already pleased just from seeing the certificate. Because every nominee was truly very strong, she would continue to work hard and make up for what she lacked in acting. Speaking of her new life with her Korean husband, Tang Wei said that it is great and thanked everyone for their concern. What about a baby? She honestly thanked everyone for their concern and would leave having children up to fate. Was she already working on it? She did not directly answer, only said, "Thank you."

Hui On Wa at the event celebration said that she never guessed that she would win this award. This time she was not as nervous as the previous two times. She said that she has already won many awards. At her age she would not have much future left. She hoped that young directors would win, which would encourage them. Was she felt that Tang Wei was disappointed? She said that she would be a little but she appeared to be very gracious. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing at the event celebration said that the nominated films were very outstanding and the competition was very fierce. He was very inspired. As for reporter demands for a vote count revelation, he said that they had confidentiality agreements. They always had someone observing their grading.

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