Sunday, November 9, 2014


Jean Todt wore the mourning red sash 
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The funeral of Michelle Yeoh's father Taduk Yeoh Kian Tiek took place in his Ipoh, Perak residence. The funeral ceremony was Buddhist.

The funeral took place at noon. 128 Malaysia Industry and Commerce Sports and Leisure Club members took turns carrying the coffin in a relay to the Yeoh Kian Tiek founded long distance express bus terminal for the second round of ceremony. They walked for 4.4 kilometers. Everyone along with the pallbearer team and the vehicles walked for half a hour and held blue umbrellas on the road. Over 1,000 went to pay their respect. Yeung Chi King's finance Jean Todt as the son in law participated in the scripture chanting ceremony; he also accompanied Yeung Chi King and his family for the complete journey with the pallbearer team.

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