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Tony Leung Ka Fai plays father and son with Eddie Peng again in RISE OF THE LEGEND
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Tony Leung Ka Fai in RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) played Wong Fei Hung's father Wong Kei Ying. Coincidentally, Leung Ka Fai studied kung fu with Wong Fei Hung's disciple in his youth. Playing Wong Kei Ying this time, he lamented, "I seemed to be destined to be connected with the Wong Fei Hung family again."

Ka Fai revealed that in high school he studied with the disciple of Wong Fei Hung's Mok Kwai Lan. "I once studied two fist styles and a staff style, one of which was the Tiger Taming Fist. Although he did not learn the Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist, I was able to sense its might." Speaking of playing Wong Kei Ying this time, he said, "To be able to play the father of my grandmaster, I felt very happy and very close. Thus I would cherish this character even more and give it the most performance." Playing Wong Fei Hung in the film, Eddie Peng Yu-Yen worked with Leung Ka Fai in COLD WAR (HONG JIN). This time was the second time they played father and son. Ka Fai said, "The first time I saw Peng Yu-Yen in a fight scene I was surprised. He had a vicious look in his eyes, completely wasn't like the Wong Fei Hung in my mind. After studying the script in detail, I discover that the look in his eyes was designed. He returned the character to his original form very well."

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