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The film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI)'s actors including Pakho Chau and Rose Chan Ka Wun two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event. Pakho said that next year he will make even more movies, with romance, comedy and Lunar New Year films. He said, "Every character is a challenge. My acting experience is still thin, I will do my homework. I watched many of my favorite (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi film, sometimes when I thought of lines from Sing Yeh's films I would laugh." He also pointed out that comedy was harder to play than romance. Was he worried that his performance would not be funny? He said, "I would trust the director, like in the film GUILTY (SEI FEI) I had to be completely naked and curse so I left everything to the director." As for his colleague Shiga Lin Si Nga's relationship, he congratulated her but they rarely talked about personal lives.

Chan Ka Wun was supposedly dating Michael Wai Chi Ho. She denied the rumor. "We are just friends. When I go to dinner with a group of people, others would always call the men around me boyfriends. I am only 22, how can I be dating him for as many years as written. I don't understand it. Now I have to focus on work. If I have to choose a boyfriend I would choose someone like Pakho Chau in the film, a guy who can make me change." She pointed out that she went to many audience appreciation events at the cinemas and discovered that teachers bringing students to the film, because the film discussed the numerous temptations in society today that could easily confuse young people. She said, "After I got into the business, a female friend in the business showed me text messages that asked her about dinner prices. My friend asked me how she should handle it. I of course suggested for her not to reply. We had to have our feet on the ground to be able to grow firmly."

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