Friday, November 28, 2014


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Juno Mak Chun Lung two nights ago attended a eyewear event. He said that in recent years because he constantly used computers to write scripts, his vision has worsen a lot. Now he cannot wear contact lenses and he is afraid of putting anything in his eyes. He said that a friend asked him to have a vision correction surgery, but he was very scared. He said, "Maybe I am near sighted, when I shoot things I have my won style. After it's fixed it may be different." He also said that he used to write scripts on paper, but because of too many changes, no one could understand even the arrows. Later he switched to use a computer. He admitted that he has already become a "lowered head clan" He said that actors and screen writers both have to pay the price.

As for his next film's subject, Juno said that it will be about criminology. Was he very demanding so he kept making edits? He said, "It's because of me. I have been writing this script for almost nine months, which will translate to four to five hours. For my eyes I may have to use paper and pen later." Would he neglect his girlfriend? He said that he was able to keep her in mind. Speaking of Christmas, he said that he will stay in Hong Kong because he had a lot of film work. Will his girlfriend be in his new film? He said that she will not, because the film now already has almost 30 characters.

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