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Stephanie Che and Wallace Chung pretend to kiss Johnnie To to congratulate him on his honorary doctorate degree
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Richie Jen, Jordan Chan and Gordon Lam play three classic Hong Kong criminal masterminds
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The Johnnie To Kei Fung and Yau Nai Hoi produced, three new directors directed SHU DAI JIU FUNG (BIG TREE ATTRACTS WIND) yesterday held its production start worship ceremony in Kwun Tong. Playing three criminals in the film, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung attended. The film studied three Hong Kong criminal masterminds and created a new story. Siu Chai said that he was able to handle the gun fight and action scenes, but earlier he thought about if he had to visit that most wanted fugitive in prison. If he went, he would not know what he would say; he also said that this character had enormous emotional upheaval. This robber originally did not want to rob again and wanted to change jobs, but he was bullied and in the end he could not accept it. Siu Chai continued, before the shoot he studied that criminal's television videos for character research. He also had to learn the Chaoshan dialect.

Siu Chun who has not made a Hong Kong film in a long time said that now after work he would rush home to be with his son. Speaking of his son, he was very excited. He said that now his son was 15 months old and was very cute. However his son would only call for Mommy and ignore him when he asked him to say Papa. Siu Chun said, "Maybe we don't see each other enough. He gave him food and shelter but he never greeted me. I could only wait until later when I could communicate with him." He also revealed that now he is working on having another child, he did not care about having a boy or a girl as he only wanted his son to have a companion. However, his wife Cherrie Ying Choi Yi is working in Beijing now. If she is pregnant it would be more difficult. He said, "Oh well, it's for the good of the child and everyone later on."

How many would he like to have? Siu Chun said that actually one was enough. For example now he still has not been able to enjoy it. He has not been able to have a heart to heart talk with his son. He was also afraid that having another would be unfair to him; he also joked that although his son ignored him, in a strange place he would follow him. Siu Chun earlier was said to be a political consultative conference member in the Mainland. Would he be more careful with his work? He said that acting was his job, and he had tactful in what he did. To Kei Fung was asked about the passing of Ken Takakura, which he felt was very regrettable.

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