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Leanne Li and Wong Cho Nam take wedding photos at Disney
Max Zhang never complains about how busy his wife Ada Choi is
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Wong Cho Nam, Max Zhang Jin, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago attended the film RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) premiere. Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung did not attend because his wife TO Chi Long was in the delivery room about to give birth. Cho Nam said that in this action film he only had ten seconds of fight scene. He said that his appearance was to relax everyone. In the film he hit 24 Herbs member Phat, but he had no fight scene with Eddie Peng Yu-Yen. He only molested him and rub his chest, much to the envy of many female viewers. Speaking of his TVB series' COME ON, COUSIN rating drop and his marriage proposal at the TVB Anniversary show also did not help the rating, Cho Nam said that he was not certain about the series rating, but the online hit rate was very high. Did he feel Hong Kong Television's launch has affected the ratings. He said, "Knowing your enemy's and your own strength (is the surest way to be invincible), I don't know about their air time, if they broadcast with boxes I believe they won't directly affect rating. Television is another matter." He said that sometimes he would watch HKTV series. He revealed that he has already scheduled for his wedding for Valentine's Day and his wedding banquet at Disney the next day. The wedding parties have not been decided, but he has already asked Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's boyfriend Eric to design his wedding invitation. What will the wedding budget be? He said, "I don't care about that, the most important is the happiness of the other half, the parents and friends who come to have fun."

As for claims that Cho Nam actually already proposed before the TVB Anniversary, he said, "I dare to swear to Haven, I have never proposed before. I think friends who say that probably don't know what getting married is, you wouldn't propose first then talking about getting married." Did they already have a mutual understanding about the wedding? He said that he has always said that they were already talking about marriage, but to girls they would not propose first before talking about whether to wed or not. Even with a mutual understanding, he still needed permission from Leanne Li Yanan's parents. Even the girl expected to wed, she wanted to know about the surprise proposal. He admitted that actually in July he already asked her parents and talked with Yanan's parents, but he booked Disney last month since he could not be too late with that. Cho Nam said that he chose a Valentine's Day to save because both days were on the same day.

Zhang Jin congratulated the director on becoming a father and wished them a smooth birth. He said that in the film the fights were fierce, he also busted his eye. His wife Ada Choi Siu Fun did not attend because she had to take care of their daughters. Speaking of Choi Siu Fun's resignation from the children's fashion business, Zhang Jin said that his wife was very busy. She had limited energy and needed to rest. he said, "We have to find time on our own to date, life has to return to its original nature." He said that he did not complain to his wife about her being too busy. He even praised her for being very alert. She knew that she had to make couple time so she set aside business that had nothing to do with television or film for now.

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