Saturday, November 15, 2014


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Colleen Chan has a low key funeral yesterday.  Her brother carries her photo and silently bids her farewell
After his daughter's cremation ceremony, Frankie Chan posts a photo to report that he is fine
The ceremony is very simple.  Colleen Chan's brother prepares the final breakfast for his sister while the priest chants
Colleen Chan's brother weeps as her coffin is brought out
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Director Frankie Chan Fun Kei's daughter Colleen Chan Hoi Sum (originally named Chan Hung Yin) fell to her death on the 24th at the age of 40. Her funeral took place yesterday morning at the Fu Shan crematorium. The arrangement was very low key and simple, only Chan Ho Sum's younger brother took care of all ceremonies. Perhaps due to the Chinese taboo of parents outliving their children, Chan Fun Kei and his wife were not present. Chan Hoi Sum's brother carried his sister's photo and completed the simple ceremony. In the photo Chan Hoi Sum wore a white wedding gown, unfortunately her life ended so soon.

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