Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Chrissie Chau looks forward to working with Louis Koo
courtesy of on.cc

Louis Koo Tin Lok has had endless film offers all year long. Currently in Paris for his new film he later will return to Hong Kong. Next month he will work with Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Chrissie Chau Sau Na on the new film AN INSPECTOR CALLS (BOR LEI JING TAM) and has been rumored to be working on Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's film GOLDEN DUCK (GUM NGAP). All three films have been slated for Lunar New Year releases next year. Goo Jai could become the "Lunar New Year god" at any moment.

Reportedly, INSPECTOR will have a budget of HK$ 8 million. The script will be based on the famous English novelist J.B. Priestley's AN INSPECTOR CALLS. Playing the detective in the story Goo Jai investigates a suicide in a strange family, as strange people and events appear all night long. The film will be filled with dark humor. Film company boss Wong Pak Ming revealed, "30 years ago I saw the play and still remember it now. So I left it to producer (John) Chong Ching to negotiate the right for me. After over a year it was done, it was like fulfilling a dream."

Sister Na who will work on her first Lunar New Year and work with "Koo God" said, "Actually I knew Goo Jai from previous jobs, but I am really looking forward to this time. (Will you have any intimate scene?) I look forward to this scene, I don't know if director (Herman) Yau Lai To will be able to help me?"

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