Saturday, November 8, 2014


Taiwan singer A.Lin
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Ella Koon and Charmaine Fong jokes about being in a spot the difference photo
Elanne Kong
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Ella Koon Yun Na, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and Taiwan singer A.Lin two nights ago attended a music event at the AsiaWorld Expo. Fong Ho Man earlier was accused of plastic surgery and looked more and more like Ella. Two nights ago they posed for a photo on the red carpet at the media's request.

Elanne just finished the film I LOVE FAREHAM in Xiamen. The film was made after she and her former company Universe's contract dispute. She admitted that she has already taken many jobs after becoming a free agent. She was very grateful to many who gave her a hand at the most difficult moment. Now she would only work hard and not say too much. Because the contract dispute has already entered legal proceedings, her words would become evidence.

Now Elanne mostly works in the Mainland and constantly commutes between the Mainland and Hong Kong, but she rather enjoys it. She also reveals that now she has already paid six figures in legal fees. Because the lawsuit may drag on for many years, she has to work hard and as much as she can to raise legal fees. As for when the case will be heard, she said that she was not sure. She has left the case with the lawyers. As for whether she will sign with a new company, she said that she wanted to clear up her contract first before thinking about that. She did not want to bring trouble to others.

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