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Brigitte Lin yesterday held a new book event at the Hong Kong Univeresity.  She explained the title of the book.  "I am connected to clouds and love clouds. Sometimes when I am on a plane and look at clouds, I would think which one was a lost friend or family member."
Brigitte Lin interacts with her friends and the audience
Brigitte Lin cherishes everyday of living in happiness
Brigitte Lin treasures this photo that director Yonfan took
Charlie Chin and Brigitte Lin's romance was earth shattering, but their love story actually had another chapter
About her friendship with Teresa Tang, Brigitte Lin says that because of Charlie Chin's relationship with Tang at the time, Tang thought it would upset her and avoided her.
A fan presents a special tee shirt that cheers up Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin fully accepts a fan's surprise hug
Brigitte Lin's autograph for Ming Pao
The ladies of the Ying family, Ying Ka Sin, Ying Oi Lam, Ying Yin Oi, yesterday cheer on their mother
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Just celebrating his 60th birthday, beauty Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) last night held her new book release forum and autograph session at the Hong Kong University. To be able to come in close contact with her idol, a fan took the chance to hold her tight, much to the envy of many.

Her second book CLOUDS GO CLOUDS COME recorded memorable people and events from Brigitte Lin's past. Without anything more that she could ask for she no longer minded revealing her past romance. Yesterday when she mentioned her friendship with Teresa Tang Lai Kwan, she revealed that back then she waited for Charlie Chin to visit Paris together. She waited for a week but he still has not appeared. Actually the person he went to Paris to be with was Tang Lai Kwan; however because she was Tang Lai Kwan, she did not mind.

Brigitte Lin yesterday invited Professor Ma Ka Fai to b the guest host. Her daughters Ying Ka Sin, Ying Oi Lam and Ying Yin Oi all showed up to support their mother. Friends like Tao Man Ming, William Chang Suk Ping, Winnie Yu Tseng, Yofan and Cally Kwong Mei Wan also took turn to share about the book. She even publicly thanked her husband and their daughters again for their tolerance and support, so sh was able to focus on writing this book. Over 400 fans filled the lecture hall. Many viewers had to sit on the stairway for a glimpse of the beauty.

The forum first played the new book foreword recording that Ching Ha made. Then she appeared with all her grace. She mainly responded in Putonghua and interacted with guests in the audience. She joked that during the writing she had no inspiration, she thought of the film 2046. The Tony Leung Chiu Wai played character had a similar situation when he tried to write. Thus she received a professor friend's suggestion to play mahjong. Although she ended up losing, it was rather effective as she finished three chapters. Ching Ha explained that she has always liked to watch clouds. In addition her previous film titles were film related. Thus she gave the book its title.

Speaking of her late friend Tang Lai Kwan, Ching Ha could not help but talk about the past that was related to her old flame Charlie Chin. She said, "At the time Charlie Chin was courting me, but we haven't started dating. Once I had to fly to Paris for work. He said that he would fly over and they would meet in Paris. After a week he still has not appeared. I could only fly to England alone. Later I found out from newspapers that he went to Paris with Tang Lai Kwan. I didn't mind because that person was Tang Lai Kwan!" Ching Ha recalled, her late friend once mistook that Ching Ha was deliberately avoiding her and felt saddened. Later she found out that it was just a misunderstanding.

Yu Tseng shared her over 40 relationship with Ching Ha. The most memorable was when they were with Commercial Radio founder George Ho. Described a good teacher and friend, Yonfan gave Ching Ha draft papers to encourage her to write. They also constantly called each other to talk about everything and anything. Yonfan however complained that their photo was not in the book. Ching Ha jokingly explained that it was "revenge". Kwong Mei Wan once studied calligraphy with Ching Ha. They were classmates. She even said that she wanted more of his films to learn Mandarin.

After the event, Ching Ha signed autographs for fans, who included fan club members from Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Taipei. The group carried a banner and gave her a special tee shirt with her image as a gift as they surrounded Ching Ha; a fan was so happy to see Ching Ha that she broke down and hug her idol. Ching Ha hug her back and met all the fans' demands. She went over the allotted time and completed the autograph session. In the end she gave the fans a friendly group photo before leaving. Although she did not speak to the media, she maintained her smile throughout and did not mind going overtime.

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