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Charlene Choi again becomes the innocent victim of another boycott
A Mainland cinema's statement that accuses Anthony Wong of being a "Occupy Central" supporter
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The Anthony Wong Chau Sun starred film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN) opened in the Mainland today. According to the Mainland film box office online information, the film's opening day scheduling was only 2%. In Beijing it only had 10 shows. According to Mainland analysis, aside from the film itself being less than attractive to viewers Wong Chau Sun's frequent controversial comments started many online boycotts. A cinema even posted a statement. "Dear viewers, how are you, the November 7 2014 release GANGSTER PAY DAY stars 'Occupy Central' supporter Wong Chau Sun. This cinema follows the call of the major circuits and will not schedule any showing of this film. At the major issue of right or wrong we stand firm with our stance. Hong Kong's stability cannot permit foreign power to turn it upside down!"

This statement upset Wong Chau Sun. Chau Sun on fb asked when he turned into a "foreign power". He even remembered to correct the grammar of the statement.

Yesterday reportedly Chau Sun on the Mainland poster was replaced by Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin. Actually both versions were used. Chau Sun's manager Mani Fok Man Hei said that the contract stipulated that the management company had the right to review the film poster. She only saw Chau Sun's version. So far the Mainland is still using it. The film supposedly did not plan for a Mainland release, so Chau Sun gave a discount on the salary. Fok Man Hei said, "They imported the film to the Mainland. We understand that the revenue will not be as good as co-production films. The most important is supporting the film industry." Chau Sun said that he was able to take that as he would be able to make it back in the future. Currently he had five films in negotiations, including films with Mainland financing.

Wong Chau Sun and Choi Cheuk Yin worked together in the new film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN). Director Lee Po Cheung even wrote a love triangle between Chau Sun, Ah Sa and Wong Yau Nam.

Speaking of the triangle, Ah Sa said, "I have a few romantic scenes with Chau Sun and Yau Nam, but they weren't too in depth. They were missed opportunities, the type of a little feeling. They are really fighting over me. Brother Chau Sun is the boss, so he doesn't have to fight! In one scene Chau Sun suddenly had feelings for me. Chau Sun's performance was very young, very cute, very able and very funny!"

Chau Sun said, "This time I am like an uncle who suddenly sees girls of sunshine and beaches. During the shoot I was moved, we tossed a ball around, we went drinking, the games that we played in the shoot I have never played before. Without this film I wouldn't know these games existed. I feel like I am making a romantic film, I really want to watch the entire film again. (How does it feel to be praised by Ah Sa?) Hey! If someone like me can, does that mean there still is a chance? No, I am just joking, read between the lines!"

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