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Bo Bo personally decorates the venue
Growing up in the film industry, Petrina Fung lost her youth

Damien Lau goes to Penang to celebrate with Petrina Fung
The wood made cake dress enables guests to light 61 candles for Petrina Bo

Petrina Fung models like a 16 year old
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The 61st year old Petrina Fung Bo Bo earlier had her birthday banquet, "Age 16 Encore" at a Penang hotel to relive her lost age 16. She wanted to live the life of a 16 year old at age 61. Sister Bo Bo's friend Damien Lau Chung Yan flew from Hong Kong to celebrate with her. Film industry insiders from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore and former Shaw film stars attended.

Making movies in the past, Fung Bo Bo lost her 16 year old life. Now everything has to start over as she was in control of her own life. Sister Bo Bo wrote, directed and produced this birthday part herself. Sister Bo Bo's fashion designer friend also sponsored a fashion show. Sister Bo Bo was very excited to model for the first time. She even designed a special Barbie like wood made birthday cake dress. She stood behind the dress so guests could light 61 candles to symbolize her 61 years of life and place them on different layers of the dress. They could also enjoy the cupcakes on the dress. Why did she celebrate in Penang? Sister Bo Bo said that after visiting Penang's historical landmark 13 years ago, she decided to settle in Penang.

In her speech, Sister Bo Bo said that she at least has made over 200 films. Fans have already collected 135 for her. She hoped to be able to complete her lifelong dream in Penang and open a "Bo Bo Exhibit Hall". Aside from a museum, Sister Bo Bo's other plan was to write a script. The film JUI SAN YAU SI (A TIME TO GATHER, A TIME TO PART) would be based on three generations of film stars, a condemnation of many female stars who ended their lives with suicide. "On the road to stardom, a female star's road is always harder than the male star's. One day when you become a female star, you would draw the ire of everyone. No one in the society would not yell at a male star for making movies and neglecting his home, only women would be reviled. They could never have both." Sh said that the script was originally titled FAREWELL RUAN LINGYU, with the first generation silent film star of China Ruan Lingyu was the first story. The second was about her god mother Linda Lin Dai, the third was her own. "They are dead, the common point is suicide. I too have considered suicide. Thus I want everyone to understand the life of an actress. Behind the glory she faced the condemnation of thousands, the pressure and the sadness. She often had no way to take care of both family and career and would always be blamed." In 1995 Sister Bo Bo reached a low point in life. She almost jumped from 20 stories above to end her life. In addition, Brother Chung and Sister Bo Bo have known each other for over 30 years. He has always respected her. This time she invited him to visit Penang for the first time.

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