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Zhang Ziyi dances the Waltz with John Woo
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed film THE CROSSING I yesterday held a press conference in Beijing. Director Woo not only made his feelings known to his wife but also demonstrated the Waltz with Zhang Ziyi. Ziyi said that during the shoot, Director Woo's wife even said to her, "How did you make our director cry? Men don't cry easily." Yesterday at the press conference, the sentimental Director again broke down.

Ng Yu Sum recalled the moving memory of the production and could not hold but take out a tissue to wipe away his tears. He said, "I really like film. When I make movies, I forget about everything. On the set, I would give all of my heart to film. My wife always say that I give romance to film and loneliness to her. Now I regret that a little, instead of giving romance to film I might as well bring my wife into the film."

Ng Yu Sum said that in the film Huang Xiaoming and Song Hye-Kyo danced the Waltz. Huang Xiaoming's character had a leg that was less than well, but he still took Song Hye-Kyo dancing. Director Woo pointed out that he too had a leg that was less than well. This scene was the memory of him taking his wife to dance the Waltz when he was courting her. He brought his first love feeling into the film. Ziyi after hearing danced the Waltz with Ng Yu Sum.

THE CROSSING will be released in two parts. Ng Yu Sum said that the film had many elements like war, love and disaster in one. The story was complicated and enormous, too much to be told in one film. Although the film was split into two, the first half's story was very complete and would please the audience. Speaking of the actors, he had nothing but praise. Ng Yu Sum said, "Song Hye-Kyo is graceful and elegant, Huang Xiaoming only remains handsome but also completely transformed with his acting. Takeshi Kaneshiro has a sorrowful charm, Qin Hailu is loyal."

Ziyi received the most compliments. In the film she played a lower class woman, but to Ng Yu Sum Ziyi displayed her own tough personality and kindness in the character. She made this most minute character appear very elegantly. For many scenes, Ziyi shed tears in the film and he also shed tears in front of the monitor with her. He could not control it even if he wanted to.

Ng Yu Sum also said that he was sick while making THE CROSSING. He thought that this project would be scrapped, but Ziyi did not give up. She even kept waiting, for which he was very appreciative.

Speaking of whether Ziyi's THE CROSSING character would be able to surpass THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI)'s Gong Er, Ng Yu Sum said, "Ziyi would make the audience feel that she has improved again, she truly gives a very different impression."

In addition, Ziyi was asked about her love life. She tried to practice Tai Chi with her parents' relationship but in the end she said, "When fate reaches that stop, you need to stop. I feel a happy woman needs to have a happy family, aside from running around myself, at that time I may have to rest for awhile. I truly have to let this thing be."

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