Sunday, November 30, 2014


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Karena Ng promotes the film in the "high risk" area of Mongkok without informing her boyfriend.
No one can recognize Alex Lam in the poster
Karena Ng (left) and Janelle Sing (right) have many action scenes in the film
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The Karena Ng Chin Yu and Alex Lam Tak Shun starred KUNG FU ANGELS (CHING CHUN DAU) two nights ago held its premiere in Mongkok. Frankie Lam Man Lung, Tony Wong Yuk Long and Rachel Lam Hei Tung showed their support. Chin Yu and Alex played question and answer game with Janelle Sing Kwan. As the loser Alex took punches from the ladies with boxing gloves.

Were they confident about the box office? Chin Yu immediately asked everyone to support the new film more. This was her first film with action scenes. "In the entire film I kept getting beat up, I even spent a week on wires. (Have you been scared off?) Now when I see the action director I would be a little scared, because every time he punched he would stop right at my eyelashes. However it was a lot of fun, it was a new experience." Alex said that in the film he did not have any action scene. He was only responsible for the comedy, which was very different from his everyday image. Luckily he had help from a bowl like hairstyle. He said, "I look like an idiot, when I saw the poster even I couldn't recognize myself. (Was your rumored girlfriend Linah Matsuoka able to recognize you?) I believe many people wouldn't be able to recognize me."

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