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The Rose Chan Ka Wun and Pakho Chau starred film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) was based on a play and best selling novel. It not only won "Best Editing" at the 2014 Barcelona International Film Festival but also won the Indian Cine Film Festival jury prize Best Film.

In her first lead role Chan Ka Wun in the film played an assisted dating girl, who for money decided to step on the road of an escort. Later she ran into a doctor who changed her mind in Pakho Chau. She said, "This character's value was doing anything for money. After running into the very positive thinking Pakho Chau, I was inspired that life could have many times to be concerned with like family and friends. There is no need to just live for money."

As for her opinion of assisted dating girls, she admitted that everywhere in this world would have social problems. She felt there was no right or now, only necessity for each person. The original playwright conversed with over 200 assisted dating girls for an understanding of their state of mind. She said, "Many felt that coming out to work was no big deal. They just smiled and got paid, they felt that money was easy to make. They didn't have to be taken advantage of so they started assisted dating. This time the character was a mix of many different assisted dating girls, so after this shoot I felt a lot of different struggles."

Chan Ka Wun in the film not only had intimate scenes with Pakho Chau but also a bed scene with the 59 year old Liu Kai Chi. She said, "Uncle Chi has quite a presence. When I saw him as a very professional elder, early in the shoot I was a little scared. Actually the director needed her character to be panicky. It was very different from the fight scenes before, so the contrast was enormous."

Playing a doctor in the film, Pakho Chau said that the character was very positive. Like the character he too liked to lecture. He said, "I begin to cut back, because those who like to listen would. Those who don't would feel I am despicable! When Shiga Lin got into the business, I always gave her a lot of suggestions. She is now starting to be a big girl, if I still nag I would elevate to another level into an elder. I don't want to be an elder, I only want to be a colleague."

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