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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Taiwan star Amber Kuo worked together for the first time on the James Yuen Sai Sun directed romantic comedy PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI), which finally finished its Paris location shoot. This time they ran into Luc Besson' new film BASTILLE DAY at the same location. In the end Goo Jai and Choi Kit's rooftop scene had to give way to Luc Besson's five block production roadblock and be postponed.

One of the exterior scenes took place at a white church. Goo Jai and Choi Kit in the chilly temperature still worked night and day on the film. During the shoot tourist visits and flash photography often affected the shoot. Luc Besson's production team that was in a nearby trailer took the initiative and helped as they erected a human wall with the Hong Kong crew to keep tourists from affecting the shoot. Finally the director completed the shoot successfully and thanked Luc Besson's team. "Although I didn't run into Luc Besson, several times during the shoot I ran into his team and received their help. I feel very honored. It's serendipitous, I hope in the future I will have a chance to run into him in some film festivals!"

The final scene took place at a restaurant in Chinatown, after which everyone opened bottles of champagne. At the wrap banquet the director thanked Goo Jai and Choi Kit for their help. He even revealed that when Goo Jai read the script in May, he only read for five minutes before agreeing. The rarest was Goo Jai, who had many film offers but still took several times out to shoot in Paris, which gave everyone a very big surprise.

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