Monday, November 24, 2014


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Sammo Hung is very pleased with how hard work his disciple Eddie Peng is 
Eddie Peng kowtows to Sammo Hung to officially become his disciple
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The film RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) earlier promoted in Shanghai. Sammo Hung Kam Bo announced that he has accepted Eddie Peng Yu-Yen as a disciple. Peng Yu-Yen privately called Hung Kam Bo god father. Hung Kam Bo said, "Not just with action, for any scene that I have, how the cell motivate every punch and kick I would speak to him. He is a very hard working young man. Because he is willing to work he achieves 90%, this point is very amazing, I am very pleased." Peng Yu-Yen said that in a fight scene in the fire, the set was hot and exhausting, before the shoot he kept practicing in hopes of completing it successfully. He was afraid that he would disappoint the elders with any bad take.

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